As a landlord, you know vacancies can cost you money.  Let's reveiw how to keep your vacancy rate low.  You need to fill your vacancies with good stable tenants that pay their rent on time and abide by their lease.  The best way to do this is to make sure your rental home is clean and in rent ready condition.  A poor first impression of your home will give the prosepcts a bad feeling to begin with.  If they don't mind that the home is not rent ready why would they keep it in rent ready condition?  The kind of tenants you will attract with a rental that isn't properly prepared is someone with lower standards and may even be desperate.  New tenants who will accept a dirty and poorly maintained rental will surely not make any effort to clean it and maintain it themselves.   The following three items will help you rent your home quickly and to good tenants:

  1. Condition-Make sure everything is in working condition and the home is clean and shows well.
  2. Price it according to what the market can bear-Overpricing a home will make it sit vacant longer.  It is better to get a good tenant in the home quickly and have the home occupied than keep it vacant.  When a home is unoccupied, items become dirty and appliances remain unoperating which can cause problems in the long run.  In addition, when a home sits vacant for a long period of time, people start to wonder if there is something wrong with the home.
  3. Advertise-95% of prospects search for a home online first.  Make sure your home is listed on mulitiple websites to ensure maximum exposure.

At Orlando Inland Realty, we will make sure your home shows well, is priced right and you gain maximum exposure to get your home rented quickly so you avoid vacancy costs.  If you are looking for a professional property manager, please call now 407-682-7296 for a free rental analysis.