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The gopher tortoise in Florida

The gopher tortoise is a medium size land tortoise with large, stumpy hind legs and a flattened front legs. They use their front legs to dig burrows in sand soil. These burrows provide a home and refuge for the tortoise and more than 350 species of wil... Read more

Changes in the HVAC industry can effect your net

As of Jan. 1, 2015, minimum effeciency requirements for split-system central air conditioners must achieve at least 14 SEER in the Southeast. Because this is the first time DOE has regionalized energy-efficiency standards for HVACR equipment, enforcement... Read more

Tax information for Rentals

This is a good article on tax benefits of owning a rental home. Remember, all expenses related to your investment property are tax deductible, even Property Manager fees. Call me 407-284-7684 with questions. Read more

AC maintenance

It is HOT and HUMID in Florida now that it is summer time. There are many ways you can cool down....take a swim in the pool, go to the beach, run in the sprinkler and MAINTAIN your Air Conditioner. With the phase out of refrigerant, AC repairs can be co... Read more

Rents on the rise

Interesting article that states rents are on the rise. I have noticed rents slightly rising over the past year. However, they seem to be stabelizing as more and more tenants are negotiating. In addition, many investors are purchasing the foreclosures s... Read more

You have a dog?

I hear this questions a lot from owners "I don't really want to allow pets". Many owners say that the pet fee/deposit will not cover the general damage caused by a pet. Take this into consideration....50-60% of prospective tenants have pe... Read more

How to rent your home quickly

As a landlord, you know vacancies can cost you money. Let's reveiw how to keep your vacancy rate low. You need to fill your vacancies with good stable tenants that pay their rent on time and abide by their lease. The best way to do this is to make ... Read more