I hear this questions a lot from owners "I don't really want to allow pets".   Many owners say that the pet fee/deposit will not cover the general damage caused by a pet.  Take this into consideration....50-60% of prospective tenants have pets.  If you take away pet owners, you are taking away at least half of the people who would come look at your home.  That will cause your home to remain unrented for longer than the average and you will incur vacancy loss.  Is the cost of the pet damage going to be higher than your vacancy loss, probably not.  I recommend allowing pets on a case by case basis.  You do not want to turn away a well qualified prospect just because they have pets.  My recommendation is to allow pets but collect a deposit or pet fee.  Many pet owners expect to pay some type of pet deposit or fee.  Keep in mind, a pet deposit is refundable at the end of the lease, a pet fee is not.  You must have them sign a pet addendum that states whether they are paying a pet deposit or nonrefundable pet fee.  Here at Orlando Inland Realty, LLC.  we typically collect a $300 nonrefundable pet fee.  Pets do not ruin properties.  Bad tenants allow their pets to ruin homes.  In other words, find a good qualified tenant with rental references and your home should be well maintained.  In addition, do several interior inspections during the term of the lease so you can see for yourself how the pet owner is taking care of you home.  We perform at least 3 interior inspections of our rentals and will provide a written report and pictures, at not charge to you. 

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